AT2E's latest model of water-free and full automatic secure seal analyzer, with the AT2E patented piercing unit,it is able to pierce the sample and detect the leakage automatically


AT2E SSA-AUTO-F Secure Seal Analyzer is for testing the secure seal performance on products. It's a full-automatic instrument with automated piercing, pressurizing and leak detecting process.

Integrated with AT2E patented piercing unit, it allows automated installation. By vacuum technology and special design, the needle uses a function of self-holding on the product being tested. During the test process, system automatically detects whether there is leakage occurred in the sample. When leakage is detected, the test will be stopped and the maximum pressure value at which the leakage occurred will be recorded automatically.

The SSA-AUTO-F offers the following advantages over traditional water bath leak testers:

  • Full-automatic testing, operator just need to install the sample, select the pre-defined mode and press start button to start the test. Then the instrument will complete the whole process and record the result, which realized a true automatic testing process.

  • Equipped with the high-precision sensing system, it is able to detect the leakage automatically and accurately, which makes the test results more reliable.

  • Innovative water-free design, environmental friendly and more compatible and adaptable to different working environment, more convenient to use and maintain.

Technical specifications:

  • Equipped with the touching screen, visual and easy to operate.

  • Measuring range: 0 to 16.00 bar

  • Inner pressure measuring range: 0 to 8.00 bar (optional)

  • Units: bar & psi

  • Resolution: 0.01 bar

  • Pressure Test accuracy: 0.5% F.S.

  • Tests on bottles, cans and preforms

  • AT2E patented piercing unit

  • Sample range: 350 mm in height & 120 mm in diameter

  • Touching screen display

  • Stainless steel secured device: Resistant to explosions

  • Up to 12 stages of pressure, pressurizing rate and holding time setting

  • Testing curve review

  • 30 products memorization

  • 10 operators memorization

  • Configuration by administration passwords

  • Dynamic display: Real-time pressure / Vacuum level

  • Pressure holding time / date / time

  • Display: product name / operator / batch N° / sample N°

  • Maximum pressure overload protection setting

  • Test pressure source: 0-16 bar

  • RS232 output (for connecting software)

  • Overall size: 860 (L) x 580 (W) x 1060 (H) mm

  • Net weight: 100 kg

  • “QUALIPRESS” software

  • custom-made clamp

  • Inner pressure measuring integrated model

  • Multi-positions model

  • External booster