Air and water tight test box: vacuum test,leak detection by setting vacuum with or without step. Inquiry
Tests on:
  • Bottles: Glass or PET and Preforms
  • Caps: Aluminium, other metal, plastic
  • Cans: Aluminium, others
  • Pots: caps, film, blisters etc.


  • Vacuum adjustable up to - 999 mb
  • Box with dimensions upon request
  • Box made of polished transparent PMMA (very rugged)
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Equipped with manometer
  • Equipped with 3-directions valve for controlling the flow
  • Accuracy: 0.5% of the measure
  • Equipped with vacuum generator
  • Runs with 6 bar network
  • Quick and easy of verification and calibration
  • Adjustable temporization to keep vacuum or pressure

  • Immersion system
  • High performance pump (vacuum -999 mb)