Designed To Be Installed Under Capping Head - Screw Cap -Pilfer Proof - Secure Child. Inquiry

Designed To Be Installed Under Capping Head - Screw Cap -Pilfer Proof - Secure Child.d.

AT2E’s BT ETA FORCE includes a special mechanical design permitting to avoid all influence from non-coaxial efforts. It’s also built in a high speed electronic reading of measurements. Device can be custom-made according to different bottle or can profile. Using with our BT ETA Measure software, it’s very convenient for users to save, manage and analyse the data.

Technical specifications:

  • Digital display
  • Measures compression (top load)
  • Measuring range:  000.0 to 300.0 Kgf
  • 2 Measuring modes (mean, peak)
  • Units: Kgf / lbf / N
  • Accuracy:  0.5 % of full scale
  • Loading by USB (PC)
  • Delivered with COFRAC certificate
  • Transport case
  • 110 / 230 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Save up to 24 groups of data or 120 seconds of continued data

Mechanical specifications:
  • Designed on request according to customers’ drawings
  • Built-in battery 3H
  • Dimensions: Customized
  • Size range: Minimum diameter 35 mm / Minimum height 60mm
  • Weight 1-2 kg

  • Ready to be installed on line after filling machine
  • Enables to control capping heads in real conditions
  • (speed and top load)
  • Interchangeable formats

Feature of software:
  • Transfer the data from device to software
  • Review the saved data
  • Create and view the graph
  • Export as data report and graph report
  • Export as an Excel file
  • Language option: French / English / Chinese